Monday, June 25, 2012

Photos of Lennie's Diary in its Original

A short followup on Lennie's 1898 diary.

All last year, while posting daily entries, I had only my transcribed copy.  I could not find the original diary itself. The photos posted were from a separate little pocket sized book that Lennie used as a photo scrapbook.

But I've found the actual diary!  I thought perhaps I had given it to Lennie's great-granddaughter.  But we found it in Hubby's desk.

So today I am posting a couple photos of Lennie's diary in its original condition.

As you can see Lennie's entries are scrawled in pencil.  This page is readable...sorta.  But some pages were difficult to read because the words were very faint.

Note: You can click for a closer view.