Friday, December 31, 2010

Saturday, January 1, 1898

Lennie writes few words today.
Went to bed 2:30.
Got up 7:00

nice day
slid on hill
Happy New Years

Looks as if Lennie stayed up late and got about four and a half hours of sleep. There must have been snow on the ground as Lennie (and probably his friends) went sledding.

And even though Lennie is short on words, plenty was happening all around him. Buried amongst other news, this day's Omaha Daily Bee reported that thirty miles from Wakefield, near Bancroft, Nebraska, "Carl Skoot, a Swedish farmer residing on the reservation, three miles northeast of this place, was instantly killed today, while engaged in digging a well. Mr. Skoot was at work in the bottom of a ninety-foot well when one of the buckets which was being used to haul the dirt up in, when about forty feet from the top, slipped off the windlass hook and fell to the bottom, striking him on the head."

End of article. End of poor Mr. Skoot who died in a terrible accident. I wonder if Mr. Skoot left behind a Mrs. Skoot any any little Skoots?

Weatherwise, the Omaha Daily Bee forecasts "fair, southwestery winds". The Bee also noted a heavy snow storm in western Pennsylvania with six to ten inches on the ground and more to arrive.

Snuggle up, Folks. January can be the longest, coldest month of the winter.

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  1. A man of few words that covered all the important things.

    When I was young we would visit grandma and grandpa. I remember sitting with him on a swing that they had on their front porch. We would talk for awhile and then he would give me a dime to run down town and buy some candy. I do not remember the conversations but I will never forget the dime.

    My impression from him was that he was generous and faithful.