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Lennie, the Soldiers, and His In-Laws

Today I'm bringing you two weeks from Lennie's diary. I got a little slack this past week and didn't post. Sorry about that! I've typed exactly as Lennie spelled and where I was unable to decipher his writing I included question marks. Charles Leonard Davis was 17 years old when he wrote about his daily life in Wakefield, Nebraska in the year 1898.

Sunday, May 8,
A cloudy day. Frank Schulz was here.
I took Betty out to school.
Had a union meeting.
Frank Rinhold Schulz must have been visiting his brother, Carl whose wife, Ollie, is a sister to Lennie. Frank lives near Wisner, Nebraska, and may already be sweet on Dena Gazena Nuttleman of Wisner whom he will marry in February of next year (1899). Frank and Carl's niece, Alma Matilda Kuckku, will come to live with Frank and Dena in 1907 when she is orphaned at the age of thirteen. It is through this familial relationship that Lennie will meet Alma who will become Lennie's bride. But that is still a long way in the future.

Monday, May 9, 1898
Prof got hot at me but did not hurt anybody.
George Smith went to war.

Had no band practice.
Don't you love that line? "Prof got hot at me but did not hurt anybody."
The poor Prof has put up with Lennie for some time now. He must have admirable control of his temper to "not hurt anybody!"

Tuesday, May 10, 1898
Had a award meeting last night.
Choir met at our house to practice.
Lennie has twice mentioned the choir practicing at their house. I wonder if he himself sang in the choir? Perhaps if the Prof could see Lennie, singing his heart out in praise of the Lord, well, perhaps then the Prof might deal a little more kindly with rascally Lennie. Or maybe not.

Wednesday, May 11, 1898
Ida and Lew were married tonight.
Band plaid for them.

Thursday, May 12, 1898
A social at Schulz.
I went and had a hot time.
Got a letter from Lew Walden.

The social was probably at the home of Carl and Ollie Schulz.

Friday, May 13, 1898
Nice day.
JOGT. Had a nice time at Lodge. Installed officers.

Took Nettie ?? home.
Got a new suit of clothes.
I don't know if all the ladies of 1898 looked this elegant, but if so, it's no wonder Lennie enjoys walking with so many of them.

Saturday, May 14, 1898
Rained in the morning.
Blew in afternoon.
National Garde met and had our 1st drill.

Sunday, May 15, 1898
Nice day.
Mack, Sam, Guy and me sailed boats on river. A hot time.

Monday, May 16, 1898
A nice day.
The corn shellers are thick.
Studied the moter in school.
Went to band practice.

Tuesday, May 17, 1898
4 sections of shelders (soldiers) went through here today.
Dismissed school at 10 to see them.

Wednesday, May 18, 1898
Brown & F. Rawlings went to Lincone (Lincoln) to get us in as National Gards.
Ellis Paulson came home yesterday.
Nebraska is filling its guard quota in response to the Spanish American War.

Thursday, May 19, 1898
Nice day. Rained afternoon. We met and drilled.

Friday, May 20, 1898
Nice day. Went to band practice. Had a social at Mrs. Neffs?

Saturday, May 21, 1898
Rained hard. Went to school in forenoon.
Several times Lennie mentions school on Saturday.

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