Thursday, June 2, 2011

Graduation in Wakefield, Nebraska 1898

Today's photo shows Lennie probably in his early twenties. But don't forget, the diary was written in his seventeenth year. Be sure to come back next week for I will reveal the mystery of the JOGT meetings Lennie has been attending. You will laugh.

Wednesday, June 1, 1898
Frank went to a ? circus in Wayne.
Botany class went out picking flowers.
Lennie mentions picking flowers with classmates several times. I guess you could call that a 'field day'.

Thursday, June 2, 1898
Had no school.
Helped fix up the Opera Hall.
Had graduating exercises.
Lennie is not yet a member of the Wakefield, Nebraska high school graduating class. Probably next year.

Friday, June 3, 1898
Went to school and helped take things home.
Blanch Peters came down.

Saturday, June 4, 1898
Boys went to Pender last night.
Bill got in at 6 oclock this morning.
(Those boys must have had a wild time last night. I hope Lennie stayed home and out of trouble!)
Blanche spoke some pieces.


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