Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lennie Reveals His Mischievous Nature

If you scroll to the entry for Sept 10 you will read that Lennie confesses to going "ticktacking". You've probably already surmised that while Lennie is an industrious lad, he also has a mischievous side to his personality. An online dictionary defines "ticktacking" as "a prankster's device for tapping on a door or window from a distance". The prankster would toss a handful of corn kernels at someone's window and then run and hide. Do you suppose there was a pretty young Miss behind those windows?

Sunday, August 28, 1898
Excursion. Went to Sioux City. Guy & I went out walking.

Monday, August 29, 1898
Helped Charlie Smith thrash.
Went to band practice. Went to a party at Dearborns.

Tuesday, August 30, 1898
Did not work. This was a dead week for me.

Wednesday, August 31, 1898
Did not work. The same thing over again. Charlie is fixing his kitchen.

Thursday, September 1, 1898
Guy and I went in the country. Frank came home.

Friday, September 2, 1898
Took Georges dinner out to him. Band Practice.
George may be Lennie's brother...George Weldon Davis. George is thirteen years older than Lennie and is married with three children at this time.

Saturday, September 3, 1898
Rained last night. Cool this morning. Made a trunk. Fred Poff and me ate a basket of grapes.

Sunday, September 4, 1898
A hot day. Charlie printed pictures. Went to Poff's for watermelons.

Monday, September 5, 1898
Started to school. Had no band on account of Chas Herrington.
I don't know how Charles died but he was only 38 years old according to census data.

Tuesday, September 6, 1898
Buried Chas. Herrington.
Pres. CE had business meeting.
Stopped taking the corn.

Wednesday, September 7, 1898
Pa built Charlie a coal house. Cecil and I made a kite.

Thursday, September 8, 1898
Cool. Went out riding with Bennie.

Friday, September 9, 1898
Went to band practice.

Saturday, September 10, 1898
Finished trunk. Worked for Charlie.
Went out ticktacking.


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