Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lennie Ranks Second in His Class and Enjoys Christmas Break

Lennie was persistent in writing his year's diary and completed in Dec 31, 1898. Today we read through December 24. Next week we will finish to the end of the year. Charles Leonard Davis will turn 18 in the spring of 1899.

Today's photo was taken about 1917. Lennie and Alma show off their three daughters as well as their wind-up Victrola. The youngest, Frances, sits on Alma's lap and is the only one of the three who will bear children.

Don't forget to come back next week to read the final entry in Lennie's Diary.

Sunday, December 11,
Doctor cut Victor's middle finger off. (If you have been reading, you will remember that Victor hurt his hand December 5. The injury must have been severe.)

Monday, December 12, 1898
Received letter from Ada. Went to band practice.

Tuesday, December 13, 1898
Got up at 6 oclock. Frank Schultz came down. Art went to Omaha. I went out walking. (Frank is a brother to Ollie's husband, Charles. Frank and Charles immigrated with their mother and sisters to the United States as young teens after their father died in a work accident in Germany.)

Wednesday, December 14, 1898
Art went on to O. I went down home after supper. (Lennie has been boarding in town with Doctor Rowse. Often high schoolers did this so that during inclement weather they could get to school.)

Thursday, December 15, 1898
Stopped chemestry untill after holidays. Staid in office after supper. (Lennie's spelling is still a bit "off".)

Friday, December 16, 1898
Sent letters to Ada, Hoss, Thos. Went to Social at Rawlings.

Saturday, December 17, 1898
Staid at office all forenoon. Went to Methodist supper. 26 of us went skating in bandwagon. (Quite obviously the 26 did not skate IN the wagon...they went IN the wagon to go skating. *smile*)

Sunday, December 18, 1898
Cousin Mack and Flossie came. Went to Ollis in evening. (Went to sister Ollie's home)

Monday, December 19, 1898
Reviewed for examination. Sy Long and our folks played (music?)at home. Snowed a little.

Tuesday, December 20, 1898
Had examination in Geom., Gen. History.

Wednesday, December 21, 1898
Had examination in Civics and Literature. Went out walking with Sam & Ellis after prayer meeting.

Thursday, December 22, 1898
Had examination in Grammar, Chemistry & Latin. Went out with choir boys and girls, poped popcorn.

Friday, December 23, 1898
Got report books ranked 2. Jessie 1. Last day of school for two weeks. (In spite of Lennie's mis-spellings, he ranked second in his class. I'm sure he had an agile mind.)

Saturday, December 24, 1898
Stayed around office all day. Went to Xmas tree at Christian Church.



  1. Lennie's final entry next week? - aww - I'm gonna miss him. Thanks for giving us a look into his journal and also for providing various period background links and notes. I've really enjoyed reading along. Merry Christmas Whitestone and also to your blessed husband.

  2. I sure hope Lennie gets some sledding in yet before the new year!