Friday, February 11, 2011

Lennie Takes in the Town and Then Goes Home to Dinner

Sunday February 13, 1898
Lennie writes:
Gim and me took in the town.
Frank Schulz is gone.
Home for dinner.

Frank Schulz will play an important part in Lennie's life. Frank is a younger brother to Charles Schulz who married Lennie's sister Flora Olive (Ollie). You will remember that it is Charles whose face appears in the photo of the Wakefield Cornet Band.

As of this writing Frank Rinhold Schulz is 22 years old. Frank was 8 years old when he left Germany with his mother and siblings for the wild prairies of Nebraska. By this time in his life Frank undoubtedly spoke the language of his new country, but his accent would be heard as clearly German by his friends and neighbors. Yah?

Soon Frank is going to marry (1899). Perhaps that is where he has visit his future bride. Lennie doesn't say. He just says Frank "is gone".

Frank and his soon-to-be bride Dena will eventually have (at least) eight children.

Frank's niece, Alma Matilda Gazena Kuckku, will be orphaned in 1907 and will come to live with Frank and Dena. And she will meet Lennie. And she and Lennie will become the grandparents to my Hubby. And I'm getting wayyyy ahead of myself here.

Lennie will announce important happenings in the coming week. Big news!


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