Monday, February 28, 2011

Upon Which Lennie Looks Into Church Windows

Lennie writes in his diary....

Tuesday, March 1, 1898

Graduate started to ware ribbons. (The senior class members are wearing ribbons denoting their approach to graduation.)
Went to M.E. revival meetings.
(Methodist Episcopal Church)

Wednesday, March 2, 1898
Had a lecture in Sweed church. (Either the Swedish Christian or the Swedish Mission Church)
Gim & I looked through the windows. (But evidently did not attend!)
Went to church. (Hmmm, where? Methodist Episcopal?)

The churches seem to be busy this late winter. Lennie's attending one or another. The high school seniors are looking forward to graduation. Meanwhile, the world goes on.

In regards to the situation in Havana, Cuba, after the explosion and destruction of the Battleship Maine, the
Omaha Bee reports today that "Clara Barton is very active in the work of relief of she sent supplies to... all twenty-five districts. The receipts of food for the distressed in Cuba continue."

There's plenty of other news about Cuba with much speculation as to what will happen there in regards to independence from Spain. Heads of State of many nations are weighing in with their national opinions.

In news elsewhere, the Omaha Bee has been reporting all winter on the gold rush in Alaska. A newspaperman by the name of Lucius C. Pease makes a trip to the Yukon by oxen and writes a goodly long letter about the hazards of traveling in the winter. The letter is printed in full and is sub-titled "Not a Pleasure Trip By Any Means." You can read his letter on page 3 by clicking here.

On page 4 we read this odd little note:
"Jesse James, the 20-year-old son of the great bandit , has bought the cigar stand in the corridor of the court hcuse In St. Louis. For several years he has worked as a clerk in the Armour packing house , has cared for his mother, educated his sister , paid off the mortgage on their home and is said to be a shrewd and most estimable young man."

Meanwhile, the Treasurer of the State of Nebraska is on trial for embezzlement.

Change a few names and international events, and it would seem the world hasn't changed much since Lennie's sixteenth year in Wakefield, Nebraska in 1898.


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  1. Now, WhiteStone! Perhaps our Lennie was more interested in who was attending this meeting (pretty girls?) than actually hearing the lecture....