Monday, April 11, 2011

Lennie And His Friends In The Band

If you've been reading along, you know that Lennie (Charles Leonard Davis) played the cornet in the Wakefield Cornet Band. So did his brother-in-law Carl Schulz. And so did several of Lennie's friends.

The group photo must have been
taken before Lennie began playing, because Lennie is not in it. However, a couple of his friends are already in the band. How do I know they are his friends? Because their individual photos appear in his pocket-size photo album in the form of what we would call thumbnail photos. (Click for a closer view.)

. .
This, of course, is Lennie. And the next photo shows his "Friend A" who also plays cornet. We do not know his name but you can find him in the group photo, back row, first on the left.

Friend "B" appears in the back row, second from the left. He, too, played the cornet. He was a dapper young fellow.

. . . .

"Friend C" played the bass drum. At least I'm pretty sure this is the same fellow. Take a look yourself.

. .

Photos of "Friend D" also appear several times in Lennie's album. In one photo he is jauntily wearing a top hat and posing with a buddy. His buddy must not have a top hat and wears his regular hat for the photo. This fellow is not in the group photo so we do not know what instrument he played.

. . . .

Now that I've (namelessly) introduced you to several of Lennie's friends you can go back to my previous post wherein I told you how the Wakefield Cornet Band became "art" (thanks to artist
Artist Charlotta Janssen).
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  1. I hope there are others enjoying this blog as much as I am. Getting to know grandpa through the diary and your thoughts have made him more real to me. Thanks!