Friday, April 1, 2011

Lennie Has a Busy Week and An Old Friend Comes Back to Town

Charles Leonard Davis spends a quiet week in the Year 1898 at Wakefield, Nebraska. The following entries are as he wrote them in a small pocket diary that he kept that year.

Sunday, March 27,
Had a blizzard.
Snowed and blew.
Cleared off at night.

Monday, March 28, 1898
Fixed up batteries at School.
Went and took a big ride with John Boothes

Tuesday, March 29, 1898
C.E. of Presbertain C had an entertainment.
I went to ?? to a C. E. business meeting.
(C.E. refers to Christian Education)

Wednesday, March 30, 1898
Lillie Weaver went to Omaha.
Rode wheel
(bicycle) around town after supper.

Thursday, March 31, 1898
Nice day.
Had a Swedish entertainment at Sweed church.

Friday, April 1, 1898
April Fool.
Morse Fogg was in town.
Went to band practice.
(check back later this week for photos from Lennie's album of individual band members)
I believe Lennie means "Morris Fogg" who appears as a resident in the 1885 Nebraska Census of Wakefield, Nebraska. His father is listed as a physician. Morris was about a year older than our Lennie.

Saturday, April 2, 1898
Went to Allen (Allen, Nebraska)
Morse Fogg went home.


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