Monday, January 17, 2011

Fifteen Persons ... That Is, Unless Lennie Counted Wrongly

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week Lennie is meticulous to record baptisms in the community of Wakefield, Nebraska. Were they all at the same church? Most likely. But which church? As we go through the year you will see that Lennie attended meetings (at least youth meetings) at several churches.

Lennie writes:

Monday, January 17, 1898
Prof. is cross. (Uh-oh! I wonder if this is his algebra professor? As the year goes along, you will find that the Professor never gets least while Lennie is in the class.)
Gertie, Mr and Mrs. Johanson, Frankie W. & Jay Quimby was baptized.
According to the 1900 Census for Wakefield, Jay Quimby would have been 13 years old when he was baptized in 1898. His father was a brick mason.

Tuesday, January 18, 1898
Cloudy, snow in morning.
Got picture taken.
Cecil, Joe Peterson & Mrs. &. Ellis got baptized.

Wednesday, January 19, 1898
Williams went to Omaha.
Jessie C., Clara G., Dora G., Anna S., John Crain (?), & Willie Rice were baptized.

Hmm, if I'm counting correctly, that is a total of fifteen persons baptized on three consecutive January days in 1898 in the little village of Wakefield, Nebraska. We can safely assume they did not get baptized outdoors by immersion. Perhaps the church used immersion with a tank inside the building. Perhaps they practiced sprinkling. We don't know. Because we don't know which church. However, we can guess that these baptisms took place at what Lennie calls the "church Christ" in his notes for January 11 and 12.

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