Friday, January 7, 2011

Lennie Plays in the Band. And He's Still Sledding.

It is January 7, 1898. Lennie writes in his diary the following words.

Nice day.
Band practice afterwards.

Slid on hill.

I wonder how big was this hill? And I wonder if Lennie's friends were joining him every day, for he's mentioned sliding on the hill several times this week. In my mind's eye I see several of them, wearing caps and scarves and gloves, sledding until the cold (or the hour) forces them to head for home. I suppose if you had no television or video games, you might be out there sledding, too.

The band Lennie mentions is a town band. In today's photo Lennie is wearing his band uniform. He's not included in the group photo that I will post tomorrow, but perhaps he was not yet a full-fledged member. Be sure to check in again tomorrow to read about the Wakefield Cornet Band and how it became "art".

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  1. I was reading my sister blog as I do everyday and it said to check this one out. I am glad that I did and will read it daily for this kind of thing excites me to no end. Waiting to see what will happen next. The fact that he is 17 and still loves to sled is different in itself. Most 17 year old boys now days would not go out and sled. At 52 I love to sled but would look foolish out there alone. lol His live and ours would have alot of differents and alot of the same I am sure. Most boys do not write diaries. I am glad he did. Thank you for sharing it with us.