Monday, January 3, 2011

School Begins Again After New Year's

Lennie writes:

Started to school again.
Mable H went away to school.
Went to ?oitz show. Sorry, I simply cannot decipher his penciled word.
Slid on hill after school.

Today's photo is of the Wakefield High School.

Lennie's household this year probably includes his parents Josiah and Martha Jane (Crawford) Davis as well as his brothers Frank age 25 and Benjamin age 27, sister Myrtle age 19, and Lennie who will not turn 17 until March. Three older siblings live elsewhere.

Lennie's mention of school sometimes includes his conflicts with the "prof". He doesn't elaborate but you will see as the year goes along that he sometimes riles the fellow.

Come back tomorrow.



  1. I thought that I asked, but apparently not. Does this school still stand? Is it used?

  2. School is still standing but is no longer a school. It is being used by the county, I think. I haven't visited downtown for a couple of years. I have an aunt who taught in that school for a number of years. I attended there for a short period of time, while staying with my grandparents during the second world war.

    There was a pretty good hill on the south edge of town and I am guessing that is the hill he refers to during his sliding events. My dad and mom bought my brother and I a dandy two seater sled in the early 40's and we spent almost every chance we could sliding down hills. What great fun that was.

  3. I hope his household also included a dog and cat or two or three. Maybe a turtle as well.

    And a bunny rabbit.