Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lennie Continues In His Lack of Verbosity

Sunday, January 9, 1898
??? meeting. (Indecipherable. Again!)
Went to church together.

Lennie speaks of going to JOGT several times in his diary. But what is JOGT? Google is of no help on this one. I'm certain it has something to do with the Odd Fellows Lodge but I don't know what the letters stand for. Can anyone help me out on this one?

And, Lennie, with whom did you go to church "together"? JOGT members? Family? Boys and girls?
Lennie, I wish you would have been more verbose. And where, Lennie? Presbyterian? Christian? Methodist? Swedish Lutheran? Swede Mission? Which church?

While Lennie was dedicated to writing something every day of Year 1898, he certainly was not verbose.

I think I will call "verbose" the Word of the Day.
Verbose. Meaning "containing more words than necessary".
Lennie was not verbose.

Family members say Lennie was very talkative. But he wasn't much of a writer. Yah, you've already figured that out and here it is, barely a week into the new year.


  1. Maybe it wasnt where, but what. Was Lennie into acronyms? :)
    JOGT: Just Out Getting Things

  2. That made me smile, Tammy. I had never thought of acronyms.
    Throughout the year Lennie mentions JOGT as in "went to JOGT". I know he was involved in the Odd Fellows. And I've found a skimpy one or two notations of "JOGT" through google on old Odd Fellow publications. But no explanation as to what the letters stand for. I'm thinking there must be some Lodge readers who might know the answer.

  3. Fun to read-I love old diaries-I have some, and old love letters. Hope you can solve the mystery...